Sticky Buns


Sticky Buns


2 Pkg Butterscotch Cook Type Pudding 1 Cup Brown Sugar 1 pound Raise type Biscuit Dough (Rodes raise & serve biscuits do well. 1/2 cup chopped nuts (optional) (I like pecans) Water 1 cube butter or margarine


12 inch Dutch oven 1 qt mixing bowl 18 inch wide heavy duty tin foil


Line Dutch Oven with tinfoil . Then scatter nuts on bottom then biscuit dough cut into 1-inch squares (or frozen biscuits) on top of nuts. Put enough biscuits that there is about 1/4 inch between them. Allow the biscuits to raise until they touch. Mix sugar, pudding and enough water to make the consistency of syrup (be on the thin side). Pour mixture over the top of biscuits. Cut butter into thin patties and place evenly on top of raised biscuits and pudding mixture. Cook on 8-9 coals below with 13-15 coals on the top of oven until biscuits brown. Don't over cook. (Note: the sauce must come to a boil, but will easily burn if too hot.) The grand fanale -- place a large sqare piece of tin foil on the table (be careful to have the surface below the tinfoil able to accept the heat of the bread. Now as soon as you remove the oven from the coals, open the lid -- take the edges of tinfoil lining and remove the sticky buns from the oven. In one motion, flip the sticky buns over and as you do so, streach out the foil slightly to allow the sticky buns to land upside down and allow the sauce to sink through the bread. ENJOY


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I used to use Rodes biscuits all the time but changed to biscuit dough because I could make it sweeter and keep it from raising to the top of the oven. The thinner bread makes a better desert.


LaMar Nybo


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