Stew On A Stick (without the stick)


Stew On A Stick (without the stick)


1 1/2 lbs. of Ground Beef 1 head green cabbage 1 lb. baby carrots 6 - 8 potatoes 2-3 small zuccini 1 can beef broth 1 envelope of Shillings, etc. Stew season mix


12 Qt. Dutch Oven


1) heat dutch oven (12-14 charcoal under) 2) brown beef in 3-4 tablespoons of canola oil 3) mix season mix and can of beef broth; pour over beef and stir 4) add potatoes, carrots, cabbage, zuccini (in this order) 5) add ~1 cup of water 6) add 6-8 briquetes to lid 7) stir every 15 - 20 minutes; turn lid and dutch oven 1/4 turn every time you stir to ensure even heating 8) done in about an hour after it starts to boil 9) Option: mix up a box of Jiffy Corn Bread Mix and spoon on top for tasty dumplings - do this in last 1/2 hour or so.


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Pre-brown meat at home. Pre-chop cabbage and put in gallon size zip-lock bag. peal/cube potatoes just before you put into the pot. Leave baby carrot whole; slice zuccini before they go into the pot too. If you have everything ready, it makes it much easier and makes the cleanup a breeze.


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