Stay A little Longer


Stay A little Longer


Stay all night, stay a little longer. Dance all night, dance a little longer. (CHORUS) Take off your coat, throw it in the corner. Don’t see why you can’t stay a little longer. You ought to see my blue eyed Sally. She lives way down on Shinbone Alley. The number’s on the gate, the number’s on the door. The next house over is a grocery store. You can’t go home if you’re going by the mill Cause the bridge washed out at the bottom of the hill. Big creek’s up and the little creek’s level. I’ll plow my corn with a double shovel. Sitting in the window singing to my love, Stuck by this bell by the window up above. Mule and grasshopper eating ice cream The mule got sick and laid him on the beam.

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David Turner


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