On the beaches of Mexico starfish are washed and left on the sand by the tide When the tide goes away and the sun keeps on burning the starfish are left there to die On a beach there in Mexico a young girl is walking she's usually walking alone she bends and pick up a starfish she sees there and into the sea it is thrown On a beach there in mexico a young girl is walking one day she's not walking alone an old man who see her throwing the starfish and there something that he wants to know He says" Hey little girl don't you know there are hundreds of beaches in all Mexico and thousands of starfish wash up on each one. Nothing at all can be done.Nothing at all can be done." The young girl continues to pick up the starfish and throw them back into the waves the old man says" Silly girl you're making no difference there too many starfish to save" The young girl just looks the old man in the eye and stares past the waves to the sun. as she trows another starfish back into the sea she says" A difference was made to that one."



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this is my favorite song


Ashley Bankhead


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