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A wimba wet
a wimba wet
a wimba wet
a wimba wet
a wimba wet
a wimba wet
a wimba wet
a wimba wet.
In the Scout camp the mighty scout camp the Kybo
calls tonight. I need to go, but i stubbed my toe couldn't find my dang flashlight-
A Weeeee A Weeeeee Oh I still need to go,
A Weeeee A Weeeeee couldn't find the old Kybo-
Now I'm all wet
Now I'm all wet
(repeat and slowly die down until it totally dies out.)


for the a wimba wets and the now i'm all wet, rock back and forth and have the scouts stand in a straight line having scouts with odd nums. rock left first, and even nums. rock right first, and then alternate

Commentto the tune of "in the jungle"
Won the spirit stick every time we did this song
really fun

CategoryOther Songs

Song ContributorThe Unknown Scout


Date Entered02-Jun-2007

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