Up in the air with mister birdman Song



Up in the air with mister birdman
up in the air upside down
up in the air with mister birdman
dont let your tail feathers touch the ground
when you hear the whistle blow Toot Toot
and you see the badge of tin tin tin
you will know that mister birdman
has turned his boxtops in
b i r d m a n
birdman birdman


line 1 - point up then make a mask with three fingers up and the thumb and first makes a cirle to go over eyes
line 2 - point up the make your maske but upside down
line 3 - pull a train whistle
line 4 - pound your chest with one hand
line 5 - hands together in back for tail feathers
at the end place hands together for flying away

CategoryAction Songs

Song ContributorThe Unknown Scout


Date Entered20-Feb-2007

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