The Nonsense Song Song



The Nonsense Song

Oh, I was born, one night, one morn
When the whistle went toot toot!
You can bake a steak or fry a cake
When the mud pies are in bloom
Cause six and six make nine
And ice grows on a vine
Is old black doe, an Eskimo,
In the good old summertime?

Ohhhhhh, loop the loop in the noodle soup
Just give your socks a shine
I'm a guilty judge, I stole the fudge
Three cheers for Auld Lang Syne!
I cannot tell a lie,
I stole an apple pie
It's on a tree, beneath the sea
Above the clear blue sky!

Ohhhhhhh, they call me King Napoleon
But I'm not him at all
I'm from North Dakota
Way down by old St. Paul
They'll sue you all for slander
They'll make you all repent
For how can I be Bonapart if I'm the president

Ohhhhhhhh, Easter eggs don't shave their legs
Their children all have ducks (quack quack)
I'd rather buy a lemon pie
For forty-seven bucks (too much)
Way down in Barcelonia
I jumped into a phonia
But that was all balonia
Red rooster blow your horn (toot toot!)

CommentI learned this song probably around 1975 at Girl Scout camp (Camp Jo Sherman). I have never forgotten these lyrics! Great song- great times!

CategoryOther Songs

Song ContributorLisa Burke


Date Entered11-Aug-2006

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