Doodly Doo Song



Please sing to me
that sweet melody
called the doo, doodly doo
i like so where i ever go
its the doo doodly doo
It’s the simplest thing
There isn’t much to it
All you got to do is doodly doo it
I love it so
that wherever I go
It’s doodly, doodly,
doodly, doodly doo
come on and...
Wadally ah cha, wadally ah cha
Wadally oh, wadally oh
Wadally ah cha, wadally ah cha
Wadally oh, wadally


pat knees twice
clap twice
stay in clapping postion and click to the right then the left
take right hand put on nose then on shoulder same with right, start the actions when you get to the line: come on and...

Commentits a great song to sing, i am a guide i went camping with guides we had 2 camp fires and the song was great!

CategoryAction Songs

Song ContributorThe Unknown Scout


Date Entered06-Aug-2006

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