Iggle Wiggle Song



Can you iggle, can you wiggle
Can you jump back and giggle
Can you strut, can you hut
Can you bark like a mutt...woof!

Yes we can...(repeat above verse)

But can you smile, can you frown
Can you bobby brown
Can you surf, can you nerf
Can you sing like a smurf?
la la la la la la, la la la la la *clap,
clap* la la la la la la, la la la la la *clap, clap*

Yes we can...(repeat above)

But can you rake, can you break
Can you do the snake
Can you tap, can you clap
Can you bust out a rap? (make rap noises)

Yes we can...(repeat above)


Iggle...wiggle pointer fingers
Wiggle...wiggle butt
Giggle...jump back, cover mouth
Strut...one leg out in front
Hut...be a quarter back
Mutt...jump and bark

Smile...fingers at corners of mouth for smile
Frown...fingers at corners of mouth for frown
Bobby brown...clasp hands in front, and push them in a circle
Surf...pretend to be on a surf board
Nurf...pretent to throw a football
Smurf...pointer fingers in the air, turning in circles then clap and go the other way

Rake...make raking motion
Brake...break something on your knee
Snake...put arms out to side and do 'roller coaster' movement
Tap...tap toe
Clap...clap hands
Rap...put hands over mouth and make a rapping noise

CommentI'm surprised this song wasn't up here before. You can make up your own motions too, just be creative! Have the scouts repeat every two lines to teach it, and then have them go through the whole thing answering yes they can! Enjoy!

CategoryAction Songs

Song ContributorThe Unknown Scout


Date Entered14-Mar-2006

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