Donit Shop Song



Well, I,
Ran around the corner
and I ran around the block
and I ran right in to a donut shop
and I picked up a donut
and I wiped off the grease
and I handed the Lady a five cent piece.
Well, She,
Looked at the nickel
and she looked at me
and she said this nickel
is no good you see
there's a hole in the middle
and it goes right through
I said a donut has a hole in it to.
Thanks for the donut tood-a-loo.


You can put in hand movements if you want. I think It's a lot more fun that way.

Commentsing this tune to Turkey in the Straw.

The last line is sung to Shave and a Haircut

CategoryAction Songs

Song ContributorElizabeth Esdaile


Date Entered15-Jan-2006

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