Sailing, Sailing,
 Sure wish we had a boat,
 Instead of this leaky old guitar
 So we could stay afloat!
 Sailing, Sailing
 Hoping the sharks don't bite!
  If a big octopus
  Does not swaller us,
 We may get home tonight!
 Sailing, Sailing,
 Hoping it doesn't rain,
 Because if it does,
 A terrible fuzz
 Will grow on our ears again.
 Sailing, sailing,
 Trying to hitch a ride!
  If you ride on a whale
  Hold onto his tail
 Or you may end up inside!
 Sailing, Sailing,
 Paddling like a frog,
 You play a kazoo,
 And holler "Wahoo!"
 While splashing through the fog.
 Sailing, Sailing,
 What if you cannot swim?
  Just find a seahorse,
  With a saddle, of course,
 Ad you can ride home on him!

CommentWords by Professor Evona York UABC, Mexico
Written for Las Colinas District Day Camp 1999

CategoryOther Songs

Song ContributorAmanda Collins


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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