Sharks!! Song



Baby shark(pinch like little shark) dodo dodo do dodo do(repet1time)
Mama shark(clap hands like small)dodo dodo do dodo do(repet1time)
papa shark(clap using full arms)dodo dodo do dodo do(repet1time)
Grama shark(do mama shark thing but curl fingers to show no teeth)dodo dodo do dodo do(repet1time)
Garmpa shark (hold sholders and make sher teeth)dodo dodo do dodo do( repet1time)
People swiming(do swiming mocen)dodo dodo do dodo do(repet1time)
spot a shark(look around)dodo dodo do dodo do
swim away(swim backwords)dodo dodo do dodo do
Lost an a arm(put arm behind back and swim)dodo dodo do dodo do
lost an leg(bend kneeto look like you lost leg keep arm behind back, swim)dodo dodo do dodo do
Ambulence(whirl finger in circal to signal sirensdodo dodo do dodo do
C.P.R.(make cross with arms and beat agenst chest)dodo dodo do dodo do
It's to late (put hand up to eye pertend to cry)dodo dodo do dodo do

CommentLittle kids love it

CategoryAction Songs

Song ContributorUnknown Scout


Date Entered01-Oct-2005

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