Froggy Song Song



Dog - Cat
Dog - Cat - Mouse
FROGGY (Shout)
Itzy Bitzy Teenie Weenie Little Green Froggy
Jump High Catch a Fly Cute Litte Froggie
Spiders and Worms are Scumpdillious
Rib-it, Rib-it, Rib-it, Rib-it, Rib-it, Rib-it, CROAK
(repeat faster)


A Scout sings the song while audience echos response to each verse. I remember clapping while the song was sung...

CommentSung at Camp Roaring Run, Penns Wood Council, in the 1980s.

CategoryOther Songs

Song ContributorJohn Sturtz


Date Entered10-Sep-2005

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