Fried Ham Song



Fried Ham Fried Ham, cheese and bologna and after the macaroni we'll have some pickles and then we'll have some more. FRIED HAM FRIED HAM FIRED HAM
Same song second verse English style much much worse...( Talk in the kind of style)
Third- Country...
Fourth- Fishy...
Fifth- Doggy...
Last- All the styles...


English- wave your hand like a tea cup is in your hand
Country- Pat on your knee
Fishy- Vibrate your lips with your fingers but still talk
Doggy- 3 words than say woof 2x than wait 'till your about to say fried ham and after it's done
All the styles- cheese- English And after-country
And onions-fishy Fried ham- doggy

CategoryAction Songs

Song ContributorGabbie F


Date Entered26-Aug-2005

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