The Littlest worm Song



The littlest worm
I ever saw
Got stuck inside
My soda straw
the littlest worm i ever saw, got stuck inside my soda straw

He said to me
Don't take a sip
for if you
i'll surely slip
He said to me don't take a sip, for if you do i'll surely slip

I took a sip
And he went down
All throgh my pipes
he must of drown
I took a sip and he went down, all throgh my pipes he must of drowned

Now don't you fright
Now don't you fear
The littlest worm
has scuba gear
Now don't you fright now don't you fear, the littlest worm has scuba gear

The moral of
My story is
Don't take a sip
of soda fiz
the moral of my story is don't take a sip of soda fiz
Drink Milk!!!


CommentLeader says first line than audience repeats.
Everyone sings last line of every paragraph together.

CategoryOther Songs

Song ContributorMackenzie Quain


Date Entered10-Jul-2005

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