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I once went a swimmin'
where there were no women
down beside the sea.

See-ing no one there
I hung my underwear
upon a willow tree

dove into the water
just like Pharaoh's daughter dove into the Nile

someone saw me there
and stole my underwear
and left me with a smile

Someone stole my underwear
I don't care
I'll go bare
bye bye BVDs

I don't need them here in camp
anyway, they were damp
bye bye BVDs

Just give me some old rag that's nice and airy
so I don't get sunburned like a berry

They were always close to me
'til I lost them by the sea
BVDs bye bye

CommentFrom Boy Scout camp mid 60's

CategoryOther Songs

Song ContributorThe Unknown Scout


Date Entered10-Jul-2005

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