The Cat Came Back Song



Old Farmer Johnson had a problem of his own,
He had a black cat that wouldn't leave him alone.
Tried and he tried, to give that cat away,
But each time he tried it came back the next day!


He gave it to a man going way out west,
Told him to give it to the one he loved most.
Train skipped a track, then it skipped a rail,
No one survived to tell that gruesome tail. But..


He gave it to a man going up in a balloon,
Told him to give it to the man in the moon.
The balloon came down, ninety miles away,
Where that man is today I cannot say. But...


Gave it to a boy with a ten dollar note,
Told him to take it to the river in a boat.
Tied a rock around its neck, must have weighed a hundred pounds,
Now they drag that river for the little boy who drowned. But...


Old Farmer Johnson swore he'd shoot that cat on sight,
Loaded up his gun with nails and dynomite.
Waited 'round the corner for that cat to come around,
Ninety-seven pieces of that man was all they round. But...


BIG FINISH (Yelled by leader, slow down)

The A-bomb fell, just the other day,
The H-bomb fell, in the very same way.
England went "shhhhh", Russia went "shhhh",
then the U.S.A
The entire human race destroyed, without a chance to pray, HOWEVER...(pick up pace)

The cat came back, the very next day.
Oh, the cat came back, they thought he was a goner,
but the cat came back, he just couldn't stay away, away, away, HEY HEY HEY


During verses, snap every other beat (Old, Johnson, problems, etc)

During chorus, clap ever other beat

"Balloon" point up
"West" point west
"Neck" point at neck
"Shoot" as if holding gun
"Corner" pull gun to ready

Big finish: snaps go over head to leg (big snaps)
2 "Shhhh" like a gentle "safe" motion in baseball
"USA" Scout salute
"Pray" Fold hands in front (prayer)
"However" Raise hand triumphantly with one finger raised

CommentThis is a favorite Boy Scout tune in northorn Indiana, especially for Friday dinner (Family Night)

CategoryAction Songs

Song ContributorM Peters


Date Entered23-May-2005

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