Waddely-Achee Song



Waddely achee waddeley achee doodley doo doodley doo Waddely achee waddeley achee doodley doo doodley doo
 Simplest thing there isn't much to it, all you've got to do is doodley do it,I like the rest , but the part I like best is doodley doodley doo


Slap knees twice(on waddely)clap hands twice(on achee)Pass right hand over left hand twice(doodley)Pass left hand over right(doo)touch nose with the right index finger and thumb and your right ear with your left index finger and thumb (switch back and forth starting at "simplest thing...doodle do it") last hold both arms up in the air and snap your fingersand turn around(doodley doodley doo)

Commentfun for pack meetings. get everyone singing

CategoryAction Songs

Song ContributorPhil Henricks


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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