Shooting Star Song



Won't you catch a shooting star for me
And take it with you on your journey
It seems that we've just met,
You're the one I won't forget
Hope some kinda wind blows you back my way

And I was thinkin' maybe somewhere later down the road
After all our stories have been told
I'll sit and think of you
You're the dear friend's I once knew
Shot through my life like a shooting star

Verse 2
I always know that a part of you will show
Somewhere in my eyes or in my smile
There'll always be some part of you deep deep inside my heart
And I'll know just when to let it go


Verse 3
You are my dear, oh, you're my bright and shining star
You brighten each and every day
You are so near and yet soon you'll be so far
So why not hold my hand today


Verse 1

CommentThis song brings tears to my eyes... No matter!
It's still a great song

CategorySolemn Songs

Song ContributorFerdinand Tretter


Date Entered16-Apr-2005

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