Aquehonga Song Song



There’s a camp called Aquehonga
Where I live through all my dreams;
Where the whippoorwill is singing
And the bright moon beams.
There’s a bunch of jolly fellows
Who are scouts both tried and true.
And they love their Aquehonga
Like their own red, white, and blue.

CommentAquehonga is the camp known as The Showplace of Ten Mile River. A lot of troops attend this camp every summer. Among its features are Patrol Cooking, a one of a kind Scout Skills area, a swimming pool with a water slide, and an ampitheatre named after a fellow staffman who was killed in 9/11.
You hear this song after all the campwide campfires in Aquehonga.

CategorySolemn Songs

Song ContributorDavid Turner


Date Entered08-Mar-2005

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