The Gypsey Rover Song



The Gypsey Rover came over the hills; and down through the valley so shadey; He whisteled and He sang 'till the green woods rang; and He won the heart of a lady
 *Chorus Ah De Do Ah De Do Ah De Day; Ah De Do Ah De Day De; He whisteled And he sang 'till the Green woods rang; And He won the heart of a lady;
 She left Her Father's castle gate; She left Her own fond lover; She left Her servents and Her estate; To follow the Gypsey Rover;
 Her Father saddled his fastest steed; and searched these valleys all over; Searching His daughter At great speed; And Her Whistling Gypsey Rover;
 At last they came to the castle gates; On the banks of the River Gladey; And there was music; And there was wine; For the Gypsey and His lady
 "He is no Gypsey my father,'she cried;' But Lord of these Lands all over ;and I will stay 'till my Dying day; with my Whistling Gypsey Rover!'
 *Whistle chorus

CommentThis song was sung to me @ Eagle Fern Outdoor school by my Soil counsler, Woodstock , Sadly, only a few months after we left, Woodstock died. This is my fave Camp song because of all the memories .

CategorySolemn Songs

Song ContributorFerdinand Tretter


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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