Ship That Never Returned Song



On a summer day while the waves were rippling
To the quiet and gentle breeze,
A ship set sail with a cargo laden to a port beyond to sea.
There were fond farewells, there was a loving signal,
While her form was yet discerned.
Yet, they knew it not, twas a solemn parting
For the ship that never returned.

Leader: Did she ever return?
Audience: No she never returned. She stayed.
All: And her fate is still unlearned (What a pity) (CHORUS)
And for years and years, there were fond ones waiting
For the ship that never returned.

Said a brave lad to his aged mother,
“I must cross that deep blue sea.
For I hear of a land in a far off country
Where there’s health and strength for me.”
Twas the gleam of hope in the maze of danger
And her heart for her youngest yearn.
Yet she sent him off with a smile and a blessing
On the ship that never returned.

Only one more time said a gallant sailor
As he kissed his weeping wife.
“Only one more bag of that golden treasure
To last us all through life.
Then we’ll spend our days in the cozy cottage
And enjoy the rest we earned.”
But alas poor man, for he sailed Commander
On the ship that never returned.

CategoryOther Songs

Song ContributorDavid Turner


Date Entered05-Mar-2005

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