Cubs Walkin Down The Street Song



We are Cub Scouts walkin down the street Singin,
 Do Wa Ditty Ditty Dum Ditty Do
 Keeepin our Promise being loyal to the pack Singin,
 Do Wa Ditty Ditty Dum Ditty Do
 Leader:We Look Good
 Cub Scouts Echo: LOOK GOOD
 Leader: WE Feel Good
 Cub Scouts Echo: FEEL GOOD
 Leader: We Are Good
 Cub Scouts Echo: ARE GOOD
 Leader: Because
 Cub Scouts Answer: WE'RE CUB SCOUTS!!!


Leader/Cubmaster involvement

CommentTo The Beat: Here She Comes Walkin Down The Street

CategoryOther Songs

Song ContributorJr. Tangonan


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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