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We had a chicken, no eggs would it lay. (2X)
My wife said honey, we’re losing money
And that ain’t funny
No eggs would it lay.

One day that rooster came into our yard
And caught that chicken (1st verse) right off his guard.
Milk cow (2nd verse)
Gum tree (3rd verse)
Garden (4th verse)
Fish (5th verse) (CHORUS)
It’s laying eggs now (1st verse) just like it used to
It’s giving milk now (2nd verse)
It’s giving gum now (3rd verse)
It’s growing plants now (4th verse)
Ever since that rooster came into our yard

We had a milk cow, no milk would it give. (etc.)

We had a gum tree, no gum would it give. (etc.)

We had a garden, no plants would it grow. (etc.)
We had a fish, no young would they raise. (2X)
Those fish were tuna, no young would they raise. (etc.)

This ends my story it’s plain to see,
We raise the finest chicken of the sea.
(Say at the end of And caught those fish right off their guard.)

CommentVerses are repeated after the leader but everyone sings the chorus together.

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Song ContributorDavid Turner


Date Entered04-Mar-2005

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