Up In The Air, Junior Birdman Song



Up in the air, Junior Birdman
Up in the air, upside down
Is it a bird, plane or Superman?
No It's Junior Birdman upside down.
And when you hear the grand announcement
That his wings are made of tin,
You can be sure Junior Birdman
Has sent those boxtops in.
It takes 5 box tops.
It takes 4 box bottoms.
It takes 3 labels.
It takes 2 wrappers
And 1 thin dime.


Up in the air...Put arms up in the air
Junior Birdman..Flap arms like a bird
Upside down...Turn around
Bird...Put arms under armpits and do chicken movements.
Plane...Put arms to sides.
Superman..Put hands on hips
Hear...Put hand to ear.
The Grand Announcement...Put arms around mouth
Wings...Flap arms like bird.
Tin...Pound on chest.
Boxtops..Move hand from left to right as if taking off boxtop.
5,4,3,2,1 Show number of fingers.

CategoryAction Songs

Song ContributorDavid Turner


Date Entered15-Jul-2004

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