It's A Lie Song



I was born a hundred thousand years ago (years ago)
And there's nothing in this world that I don;t know. (I don't know)
I saw Peter, Paul and Moses playing ring around the roses
And I'll lick the guy who says it isn't so. (Isn't so)

It's a lie. (2X)
Ship ahoy, ship ahay, ship ahi yi yi
Well, I sailed the seven seas in my dirty dungarees. (CHORUS)
But I never, ever, ever saw a mermaid. (Clap, clap)

I saw Satan as he peeked the garden o'er (garden o'er)
I saw Eve and Adam driven from the door. (from the door)
I was round the corner peekin at the apple they were eatin.
In fact, I'm the guy who ate the core. (ate the core) (Repeat Chorus)

I saw Cain kill Abel in the glade. (in the glade)
And I knew the game was poker that they played. (That they played)
I was hinding in the shrub when he hit him with a club
And I knew it was a diamond, not a spade. (not a spade) (Repeat Chorus)

I saw Israel in the battle of the Nile (of the Nile)
Where the arrows flew thick and fast and wild. (fast and wild)
When David with his sling popped Goliath on the wing
I was doing forty seconds to the mile. (To the mile) (Repeat Chorus)

I saw Jonah as he shoved off in the whale (in the whale)
And I thought he'd never live to tell the tale. (tell the tale)
But old Jonah had eaten garlic as he gave that whale the cholic
And it coughed him up and let him out if jail. (out of jail)

I saw Washington afloat a cake of ice (cake of ice)
While Sherman, Shaw and Grant were playing dice. (playing dice)
I saw Roosevelt's great laugh that split his face in half
While Pershing set a trap for German mice. (German mice) (Repeat Chorus)

I saw Caesar as he crossed the Rubicon. (Rubicon)
In fact, I built the bridge he crossed it on.
(crossed it on)
I saw Hannibal at home, Nero burning Rome.
I even saw the fall of Babylon. (Babylon)
(Repeat Chorus)

I saw Sampson when he laid their village cold. (village cold)
I saw Daniel tame the lions in their hold. (in their hold)
I helped build the Tower of Babel just as high as they were able
And there's lots of other things I haven't told. (haven't told) (Repeat Chorus)

You may not think this tale of mine is true (mine is true)
But what difference does that really make to you? (make to you)
I've been feeding you this line just to while away the time
And now I'm gonna quit because I'm through. (because I'm through) (Repeat Chorus)

CommentYou can echo last word or two of a line (e.g. years ago, don't know)

CategoryOther Songs

Song ContributorDavid Turner


Date Entered13-Jul-2004

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