Chicken lips and Lizard hips Song



Oh, when I was a little kid I never liked to eat,
 Mama's put things on my plate,
 I'd dump them on her feet,
 But then one day she made this soup,
 I ate it all in bed,
 I asked her what she put in it,
 and this is what she said:
 Oh, Chicken Lips and Lizard hips and alligator eyes,
 Monkey legs and Buzzard eggs and salamander thighs,
 Rabbit ears and camel rears and tasty tonail pies,
 Stir it all together it's mama's soup suprise.
 I went into the bathroom and stood beside the sink,
 I said i'm feeling slightly ill, I think I'd like a drink,
 Mama, said "I've got just the thing, I'll get it in a wink, it's full of lots of protein and vitamins, I think."



CommentA great song for younger scouts they love it...
Sang to the tune of "Supercalifragilistic"

CategoryOther Songs

Song ContributorJiim Jimerson


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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