Banana Slug Song



Banana slug!
Banana slug!
I like them, they're beautiful!
Banana slug!
Banana slug!
They're part of the circle!

Sticky as peanut butter, shade of yellow,
Look like banana, but oh, so mellow!
Sitting in trees as leaves it the ground,
Just munchin' on the leaves as they fall down!

(Repeat chorus)

They've got one eye on their head, and an all-purpose hole,
They've got one foot, but plenty of soul!
They make the earth greener,
Doncha know?
They rather slow, so, go, slug, go!

(repeat chorus)

So when you're walkin' on down, and you see a slug,
You can bend on down, you can give it a hug.
You can pick it up, it won't scream or kick,
You can show it that you like it, just give it a lick!

(Repeat Chorus)


Do the wave at "beautiful!" Clap twice after "Banana Slug", Make a big circle over your head at "circle"

CommentGreat for those who love... Banana Slugs.

CategoryOther Songs

Song ContributorFerdinand Tretter


Date Entered28-Oct-2003

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