Camp Tohikanee Song



Camp, Camp Tohi, Camp, camp tohi, camp, camp tohi, camp, camp tohi, camp

Some call it fun, but me I call it crazy
So come alone with us and wipe away you sadness
Happy campers are we,
Having fun 'neth the trees.
And when we are gone, we'll remember this song,
'Cause we're from...

camp, camp tohi, camp, camp tohi, camp, camp tohi,camp, camp tohi, CAMP!!


One group of scouts can sing the "Camp Tohi" part while the other can sing the verse, and then the two can switch

CommentThis is the "theme" song for Camp Tohikanee in Quakertown...yes..a Girl Scout Camp!!!

CategoryGathering Songs

Song ContributorFerdinand Tretter


Date Entered11-Mar-2003

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