Day Old Bread Song



DAY OLD, DA-AY OLD BREAD, it makes good toast or
croutons for soup. DAY OLD, DA-AY OLD BREAD, or make
de bread pudding & feed your whole group.

Hey, Mr. Bak'ry mon, sell me your DAY OLD BREAD;
comp'ny iss comin' me got to get home (2x)

Hot dog buns, bagels & ol' croissants: toas' dem up &
make de bread crumb; add it to your dressing wid som'
onion & sauteed cel'ry - it taste so good - Yum!

DAY OLD, DA-AY OLD BREAD, iss lit'l bit cheaper, but
it not free.
Day, me say Day, me say Day, me say DA-AY OLD BREAD
iss good enuff fo' ma fam'ly & me.

CommentJo Ann Dalgard
(sung to the tune of DAY-O [THE BANANA BOAT SONG] -popularized by Harry Belafonte)

CategoryOther Songs

Song ContributorFerdinand Tretter


Date Entered03-Feb-2003

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