Ivan Skezevinski Skevar Song



Oh, the sons of the prophets were hearty and bold
And quite unaccostomed to fear.
But the bravest of all is a man I am told
Named Abdul Al Bobo Amir.

If they wanted a man to encourage the band,
Or to harass the foe in the rear,
Or to storm a redoubt, they would send up a shout
For Abdul Al Bobo Amir.

There were heroes aplenty and men known to fame
That fought in the ranks of the Czar.
The most famous of all was a man by the name
Of Ivan Skezevinski Skevar.

He could sing like Caruso both tenor and bass
And play on the Spanish guitar.
In fact quite the cream of the Muscovite team
Was Ivan Skezevinski Skevar.

One day this bold Muscovite shouldered his gun
And marched down the street with a sneer.
He was looking for fun when he happened to run
Into Abdul Al Bobo Amir.

"Young man," said Bobo, "is existence so dull
That you're anxious to end your career?
For, infidel know, you have trod on the toe
Of Abdul Al Bobo Amir.

"Then take your last look at the sunset and brook,
And send your regrets to the Czar.
By this I imply you are going to die,
Mister Ivan Skezevinski Skevar."

Then the Moabite drew his trusty shaboo
And crying, "Allah al Allah ackbar!"
With murderous intent he most suddenly went
For Ivan Skezevinski Skevar.

On a stone by the banks where the Nebo doth roam
There is written in characters clear:
"Oh stranger, remember to pray for the soul
Of Abdul Al Bobo Amir."

And the Muscovite maiden her vigil doth keep
By the light of the cold northern star.
And the name which she constantly shouts in her sleep
Is Ivan Skezevinski Skevar.

CommentMy father learned this song in scouts and still sings it to his grandchildren.

CategorySolemn Songs

Song ContributorFerdinand Tretter


Date Entered16-Jan-2003

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