The Banjo Song Song



I u-ooloo-sed to ha-la-ve an ol-lold banjo-lo
That re-le-sted on-lon my knee-lee-lee-lee
But now-low the string-lings are bro-lo-ken
an-lan-d its no-lo more u-loo-se to me lee lee lee
I too-loo-k it to-loo an me-le-nder sho-lop
to see-lee what he-lee could do loo loo loo
He sai-led the strig-lings are bro-loken an-land
It no-lo more u-loose to me lee lee lee
The new-loos it ma-lade me sa-lad and gray-lay
I cri-lied the whole-lo night through oo oo oo
But then-len wht ha-lapened well I don't know-lo
My ba-lanjo play-layed like new loo loo loo!


Strum your imaginary banjo all the way through with emphasis on the end of the lines.

CategoryOther Songs

Song ContributorThe Unknown Scout


Date Entered10-Oct-2012

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