Donut song (to the tune of do your ears hang low-sort of) Song



well i ran around the corner and i ran around the block
and I ran right in to the donut shop
and i handed the lady a 5 cent piece
And i said can i have a donut please

Well she looked at the money and she looked at me
and she said "this money is no good you see,
theres a hole in the nickel that goes straight through"
And I said theres a hole in my donut too

Thanks for the donut-toodloo!


during running you move your arms like youre running
show 5 cent pice with our hands
well she looked at the money you put out one harnd
and she looked at me you put out the other

shake your head for no good

at toodloo you salute

Commentthe words might be a little diffferent but i forgot some. THe last part is to the tune of bum ba da dum dum- bum bum!

CategoryAction Songs

Song ContributorThe Unknown Scout


Date Entered26-Aug-2012

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