Travelin' Song



Travelin' around from town to town,
Sometimes, I think I'll settle down.
But I know I'd hunger to be free,
Cuz' travelin's the only life for me.

New friends I meet from time to time.
Kind ones, we get along just fine.
Then comes the itch to "go and see,"
Cuz' travelin's the only life for me.

Places I've seen from far and wide,
Somehow, I take them all in stride.
Exploring's the only way to be,
Cuz' travelin's the only life for me!


Hiking song, can be done in a round.

CommentBased on the 1960's B/W TV show theme from "The Littlest Hobo" a dog like Rin Tin Tin who wandered into a new town and a new friend's life every week.

CategoryAction Songs

Song ContributorThe Unknown Scout


Date Entered16-Nov-2011

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