Peel Banana Song



Peel Banana, Peel, Peel Banana,
Eat banana, eat, eat banana,
chew banana, chew ,chew banana
swallow banana, swal-low, banana,
digest banana, di-jest banana,
barf banana, barf, barf banana
mop banana, mop, mop banana
flush banana, flush, flush banana
call the plumber, call,call the plumber
plumb banana, plumb, plumb banana!


Peel- Make a peeling actoin, act like you are peeling a banana.
Eat- Make an eating action, act like you are eating the banana.
Chew- Pretend you are chewing the banana.
Swallow- Make it look like you are swallowing the banana.
Digest- Either rub or tap your stomach.
Barf- Make it look like you are barfing the banana up.
Mop- Look like you are mopping the banana.
Flush-Make it look like you are flushing the tiolet.
Call- Make it look like you are calling someone on a pretend phone.
Plumb- Make it look like you are plumbing the toilet.

CommentI think I got a few things wronge! But, i love this song!!! I think it is the best for camp fires!!!!

CategoryAction Songs

Song ContributorThe Unknown Scout


Date Entered27-Mar-2011

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