Baby Shark x2 Song



Baby Shark do do do do do, Baby Shark do do do do do, Baby Shark do do do do do, Baby Shark.

Repeat after replacing Baby Shark with (in these orders) : Child Shark, Teenage Shark, Mama Shark, Daddy Shark, Grandma Shark, Grandpa Shark, Lady Swim, Shark Attack, Lost an arm, Lost a leg, Happy Shark, Search and Rescue, CPR, It’s too Late, Went to Heaven.

Last Verse (it's special!) : Got pulled back down do do do do do, pulled back down do do do do do, pulled back down do do do do do, as a Baby Shark do do do do do (you can repeat the song, or end it here)


Baby Shark = Use fingers to make a chomping motion
Child Shark = Place hands at wrist and make a chomping motion
Teenage Shark = Put elbows together and make chomping motion
Mama Shark = Use both arms to make a chomping motion
Daddy Shark = Use one arm and one leg, touch your fingers to your toes making a chomping motion
Grandma Shark: Make fists and put wrists together making comping motion
Grandpa Shark = Put one fist on the opposite arm's elbow, do the same with the other arm, and move them up and down to make a chomping motion
Lady Swim = Do any swim motion
Shark Attack = Jump around going crazy
Lost an Arm = Swim with arms and legs with one arm behind back
Lost a Leg = have one arm behind back still, use it to grab the leg on the opposite side and try to swim using the two free limbs
Happy Shark = Rub your stomach happily
Search and Rescue = Make binoculars and look around
CPR = do CPR on the air
It's too Late = Tap your hand as if there is a watch there and shake your head sadly
Went to Heaven = Flap your arms
Pulled back Down = pretend as if a rope is in front of your and start pulling on it

CommentA great song guaranteed to get some laughs and tire out every boy.

CategoryAction Songs

Song ContributorThe Unknown Scout


Date Entered31-Jan-2011

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