Running Bear Song



On the banks
of the river
stood running bear!
indian brave!
on the other
side of the river
stood a lovely indian maid
little white dove
was a her name
what a lovely sight to see
but their tribes fought
with each other
so their love could never be


oh running bear
loves little white dove
with a love as big as the sky
oh running bear
loves little white dove
with a love that could not die

Running bear
jumped in the water
little white dove did the same
and they swam out
to each other
in the swirling waters that came
first their eyes met
then their lips touched
the swirling waters pulled them down
now they'll always
be together
in the happy hunting grounds



Running: tap hands on legs
bear: show stomach
Little White dove: three fingers behind head like feathers

other actions can be made up as desired

CategoryOther Songs

Song Contributor giggles.girlscout


Date Entered08-Oct-2010

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