Watermelon on that Vine Song



Hambones are good (Ugh)
Chicken is sweet (Yeah)
Possom meat is very, very fine on it's own
But give me, oh give me, I really wish you would
That watermelon hangin on that viiine

OOOOOOOOOOh the night I went to fetch it
It was a rainy night
The moon and stars had just begun to shine (YEEHAW)
But the farmer up and saw me
And scared me half to death (AHH!)
So I never got that watermelon on the vine
(Say What?) I never got that watermelon on that vine
(One more time!) I never got that watermelon on that vine!


Line 1: at ugh pull your arms in like you're grunting and kick your knee up
2: at yeah throw your hands up
3: act like you're eating out of a bowl
4: clap hands to rhythm of song
5: clasp your own hands and create a watermelon that keeps getting bigger - at vine create a vine with your body

1: (OOOOh) make an 'O' with your hand; pretend to lasso the watermelon
2: create rain with your hands
3: create a moon with your arms; at yeehaw punch fist into air
4: create glasses with your hands
5: act scared at the (AAh)
6, 7, 8: rpt action line 5 vs 1

Commentvery fast paced song, fun, and amazing to do before breakfast in the morning ;) enjoy!

CategoryGathering Songs

Song Contributor Rengae


Date Entered11-Aug-2010

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