"Ghost Chickens in the sky" Song



An old farm hand went walkin out, one dard and dismal day. He stopped beside the chicken coop, to rest along his way. When all at once, a rotten egg hit him in the eye. He saw a sight he dreaded. Chost chickens in the sky.
Baok, baok, baok, baoooook. Baok, baok, baok,. baooooooook. Gost chickens in thesky.

The farmer had raised chickens since he was twenty four. Been workin for the colonel some 30 years or more. A killin all them chickens and sendin them to fry, and now they want revenge. Them chickens in the sky.
Their beaks were black and shiny, their eyes a burnin red. They had no meat or feathers. Them chikens all were dear. They picked the farmer up and he died by the claw. They cooked him extra crispy and ate him with dole swal.
A farmer chased on by him as he heard his mournful cry. " Oh Boyscout change your ways today or with us you will run. A trying to catch those chickens across these endless skies. Ghost chickens in the sky.

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Date Entered23-Jul-2010

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