Crash Beep Beep Song



I'm a little pile of tin
Nobody knows what shape I'm in
Got four wheels and a runnin' board
I'm a 4-door, I'm a Ford

Honk, Honk
Rattle, Rattle, Rattle
Crash, Beep Beep
Honk, Honk

Coca Cola went to town
Pepsi Cola shot her down
Dr. Pepper fixed her up
Now we all drink 7Up


Grandpa Moses shot a skunk
Grandma Moses cooked it up
Baby Moses ate it up
Holy Moses how they stunk


honk- touch nose
rattle- shake head
crash- touch chin
beep, beep- touch forhead

CommentThanks to Camp Noark

CategoryAction Songs

Song Contributor kayleigh13


Date Entered22-Jul-2010

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