MILK! Song



This is a repeat after me song! (This is a repeat after me song!)

Give me an M! (M!)
Little M! (Little M!)
[All together:] Don't want no pop, no pop,
Don't want to tea, no tea,
Just give me some milk,
Moo moo moo moo,
Wisconsin Milk,
Moo moo moo moo.

Give me an I! (I!) [... etc.]

[Last verse:]
Give me a MILK! (CHOCOLATE!)
Little milk! (Skim!)
[All together:] Don't want to pop, no pop [... etc.]


Big Letters (M, I, L, K) - make letter with arms
Little Letters (M, I, L, K) - hold one hand so thumb and forefinger are almost touching (showing "little")
Pop - pound fist into hand,
Tea - make a T with hands
Moo moo moo moo - (with a partner) one person lace all fingers except thumbs which turn upside down, making an udder-like shape, other partner "milks" the udders

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Song Contributor domino


Date Entered16-Jul-2010

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