Silver Paddles. Seven Ranges Scout Reservation Song



Our paddles keen and bright
flashing like silver
swift as the wild goose flies
dip, dip and swing, and swing and back
flashing like silver
swift as the wild goose flies,
dip, dip and swing

Repeat 3x
First time Soft
Second time Loud
Third time Soft



CommentAt Seven Ranges Scout Reservation in Kensington, Ohio , We sing this song at our campfire on Sunday nights, right before our talk about Pipestone. We sing this song three times. The first time we sing soft; Symbolizing a canoe down the stream with an Indian inside flowing down stream twords us. The second time we sing loud; symbolizing that the Indain is close by us. Still flowing. And the Third time; symbolizing that the canoe has passed us flowing down stream.

CategorySolemn Songs

Song ContributorThe Unknown Scout


Date Entered09-May-2009

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