Buzzards Song



(chorus 1)
Three Short necked buzzards,
Three Short necked buzzards,
sitting on a deeeeeead tree.

(chorus 2)
Oh look!
one has flown aaaaaway!
What a shame!

chorus 1 with 2 buzzards

chorus 2

chorus 1 with 1 buzzard

chorus 2

*cries because there are no more buzzards

(chorus 3)

one has reeeeturned,
let us reeeejoice!

chorus 1 with 1 buzzard

chorus 3

(continue intil you can't anymore)


every time you say a number hold up that number on your finders. when you say "short necked" scrunch your head down between your shoulders.
when you say buzzards lift one leg off the ground and spread your arms like a bird.

when you say "look" point into the distance. when you say either "one has returned or one has flown away" put your hands together as bird wings and mimic a bird flying away or flying closer.

CategoryAction Songs

Song ContributorThe Unknown Scout


Date Entered07-Nov-2008

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