The Mermaid Song Song



Chorus:  Oh the Ocean waves may roll  And the stormy winds may blow,  But we poor sailors  Go skipping to the top.  While the land-lubbers lie down  Below, Below, BELOW.  While the land-lubbers lie down below.    Lyrics.  'Twas Friday morn when we set sail  And out ship wasn't far from the land.  When our Captain spied a fair mermaid,  With a comb and a glass in her hand.    Chorus    Then up spoke the Captain of our gallant ship,  And a well spoken man was he.  "I've married me a wife in old Salem Town,  And tonight a widdow she will be."    Chorus    Then up spoke the cook of our gallant ship,  And a red-hot cook was he.  "I care much more for my pots and my pans,  Than I do for the bottom of the sea."    Chorus    Then three times around went our gallant ship,  And three times around went she.  Then three times around went our gallant ship,  And she sank to the bottom of the sea.    Chorus.  




CategoryGathering Songs

Song ContributorPete Fagan


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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