Eagle Wings Song



(Chorus )  Put eagle wings  On my sons Chest  Make him one  Of Americas best  He'll be a man  They will test one day  Raise him up  In the Boy Scout Way    Mothers don't you worry none  For he's out there having fun  Learning things he needs to know  That will help him out  And help him grow    (chorus )    Fathers you can help us to  Just show your sons  What they Should do  Help them grow to be a man  Just reach out  Give them your Hand    (chorus )    Back at home the family waits  Their Eagle Scout has made the grade  He has passed his final test  Making him one  Of America's best    Put Eagle Wings  On my sons chest  Make him one of America's best  He'll be a man  They will test one day  Raise him up in the Boy Scout Ways  (much slower)  Raise him up  In the Boy Scout Ways      

CommentI wrote the lyrics for this song and hope to sing it at my own sons Eagle court of honor. (tune : Green Bret)

CategoryOther Songs

Song ContributorThe Unknown Scout


Date Entered05-Mar-2001

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