Pirate Song Song



When i was 1 I ___________ (did an action that rhymes with one....after refrain go back to this song verse and change the one with the number two and go on until ten)

before i went to sea i climbed aboard the pirate ship(while doing this make action of climbing a ladder or rope) and the captain said to me(while doing this make action of saluting) we go this
that way forward and back upon the rolling sea(while doing this move body in direction in song) a bottle of coke to soothe my throat(while doing this make a fist and stick out your thumb and pinky and drink it like its coke) and thats
the life for me....BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM...(when doing this make action of hitting a drum)



CategoryAction Songs

Song ContributorUnknown Scout


Date Entered21-Oct-2007

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