The Cub Scout Song Song



(Dressed in suit coat and then take it off)
You know,
I never wanted to be a grown up. I always wanted to be - a CUB SCOUT! Dressed in my blue & gold uniform, working on crafts, earning badges, doing skits, and we’d sing,… sing,…. sing……

Ohhhhh, I’m a Cub Scout and I’m OK
I sleep all night and I play all day

I climb up trees, I ride my bike
I like to catch wild frogs
On Fridays we have pack night
And run around like dogs
Audience repeats

I tied some knots, I learned some songs
I learned to pitch a tent
I had to run for cover
When a bear got my scent
Audience repeats

I wash my hands, I brush my teeth
I don’t want any germs
When I wake up tomorrow
I’m going to dig some worms
Audience repeats

I made a fire, I took a hike
I filled up my canteen
I forgot to clean it last year
It tastes like the latrine
Audience repeats

I pay my dues, I say my pledge
I learned to do a skit
If I don’t get a badge soon
I’m going to pitch a fit
Audience repeats



Leader starts with a coat over his uniform and takes it off as he talks

CommentSung to the tune of the Lumberjack Song - Monty Python

CategoryGathering Songs

Song ContributorTom Schwartz


Date Entered15-Oct-2007

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