Sock Soup


Sock Soup


Large cooking pot and a spoon, table? or campfire.


Try once or twice, speak load, clear. slow


4 or 5 scouts. One scout looks like he's cooking food (using a spoon to stir the brew in the pot) He leaves. A scout comes along and sees the pot and says "the soup smells good, think I'll taste it" and does so. He says, "boy is this good" and walks off stage. Another scout comes along, smells the soup and says he loves the soup and walk off stage. Another scout and another scout.  
The cook comes back and so does the group of scouts who tasted the soup. The group asks the cook what kind of soup he is making, because it tastes so good. The cook declares, "Why, I wasn't making soup" he reaches into the pot and pulls out socks or underwear, then says, "I was washing my socks." The four or five scouts act sick.


Justin Wick Trooop 510


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