Soap and Water


Soap and Water


A plate for each scout, wash basin, large bowl, stock pot. Optional: Large ladle, spoons, chef hat.


Have Chef Scout setup at right end of table with plates in large bowl, stirring "Scout Stew" in the pot. Most scouts are off stage left, two off stage right.


Scout 1 comes in and says, "Yum! What's cooking?" Chef Scout says, "Scout Stew. Want some?" Scout 1 "Sure! I'll have some." Chef Scout hands him a plate from basin. Scout 1 looks at plate suspiciously. "Is this plate clean?" Chef Scout responds cheerfully, "As clean as Soap and Water can make it!" Fake spoons some stew onto plate. Scout 1 sits down, shakes head and starts fake eating. Scout 2 comes in and says, "What's for dinner?" Chef Scout says, "Scout Stew." Scout 2 says, "I'll have some, please." Chef Scout hands him a plate from basin Scout 2, looks at plate, sniffs it. "How did you wash this plate?" Chef Scout responds cheerfully, "I used Soap and Water!" Fake spoons some stew onto plate Scout 2 sits down shrugs shoulders and starts fake eating. Repeat for Scouts 3-4, or as many as needed, Coming in singly or together. Q "Are these plates clean?" A "As clean as Soap and Water can make them!" Finally all the scouts finish eating, thank the Chef, and put their plates in stack near pot. Chef Scout gathers all the plates into the wash basin, turns to right. Puts plates on ground and calls, "Here Soap! Here Water!" Scouts finished eating look in shock as... Two last "scouts" come on hands and knees acting like dogs and happily lick the plates "clean" for Chef Scout to put back into wash basin.


Mike Trantow


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