Smartest man in the world


Smartest man in the world


5 scouts  
4 full school backpacks


practice, Need actors as 1)pilot 2)President 3)Scout 4) Smartest man in the world.


Narrator: a scout, the President, the smartest man in the world and the pilot of the plane. they are flying over (any remote area in the world)  
Pilot: "there's a fuel leak and the planes going to crash soon. there's only three parachutes, and four people on-board"  
President: I am the president of the united States! my country needs me (jumps out plane and grabs parachute)!  
Smartest man in the world: I am needed greatly to improve life for my fellow citizens (also jumps out plane)  
Pilot: well, one 'chute left, I guess the captain goes down with the the ship!  
Scout: Actually (pauses) there are two 'chutes left!  
Pilot: Really! How's that?  
scout: well, the smartest man in the world jumped out with my backpack!


Ryan Cortner


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